Start Water Fast Today

Hey everyone!┬áSo here’s the reminder that the Juice Fast will start on Friday, and if you would like to do 2 day water fast before it – today is the time to start your fast.

Start Water Fast Today

Benefits of doing a water fast before the Juice Fast:

  • Tuning your body into the fasting mode by preparing it for less amounts of food intake
  • Releasing more unwanted weight (good weight will stay with you – Juice Fasts never bring you malnourishment)
  • Letting your digestive system relax
  • Better detoxification

You do not have to do the water fast, but I highly recommend it, especially if you are already familiar with fasting and you know your body’s reaction to it. Start with just 1 day water fast if you’re new to fasting. Do 2 days if you’re already familiar with fasting.

Also, if during the water fast you notice that you’re becoming nauseous and dizzy, then instead of giving up on your fast, try spending these 1-2 introductory days on herbal tea. The herbs that you could use use are┬áchamomile, peppermint, heather, raspberry leaf.

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