Detox Program Day 1 – Apple Beet Juice

For the day 1 of my Detox Program, I’m having a super delicious blend of veggies, greens and apples. Just look at this gorgeous color! And trust me, it tastes even better than it looks! 🙂

Join me for this Juice Fast Detox if you noticed lately that you’re feeling tired, you put on couple unwanted pounds, your mood is not as upbeat as usual – all of this is wonderfully restored back to normal through a temporary restriction of your calorie intake! Juice fasts are a wonderful gentle way get us back to our happy and healthy selves and back up to speed with our crazy lives. To join, see the guidelines here. You don’t have to follow the guidelines, however they are based on my personal experience from my many previous juice fasts, and I created such guidelines for reaching the most optimal results. So check them out – these guidelines are definitely going to be beneficial for you!

Detox Program Day 1 - Apple Beet Juice


  • 5 medium carrots
  • 1 small beetroot
  • 1 medium apple (I used gala)
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 large leaf curly kale


Wash and peel carrots, beet, orange and lemon. Soak and wash kale. Cut all ingredients into smaller pieces and run through a masticating juicer such as Omega. If you’re using a centrifuge juicer instead (such as Hamilton Beach), then take 3 times more kale, as centrifuge juicers don’t extract greens juice as efficiently as the masticating ones. Pour your delicious juice into a beautiful glass and enjoy!

Start Water Fast Today

Hey everyone! So here’s the reminder that the Juice Fast will start on Friday, and if you would like to do 2 day water fast before it – today is the time to start your fast.

Start Water Fast Today

Benefits of doing a water fast before the Juice Fast:

  • Tuning your body into the fasting mode by preparing it for less amounts of food intake
  • Releasing more unwanted weight (good weight will stay with you – Juice Fasts never bring you malnourishment)
  • Letting your digestive system relax
  • Better detoxification

You do not have to do the water fast, but I highly recommend it, especially if you are already familiar with fasting and you know your body’s reaction to it. Start with just 1 day water fast if you’re new to fasting. Do 2 days if you’re already familiar with fasting.

Also, if during the water fast you notice that you’re becoming nauseous and dizzy, then instead of giving up on your fast, try spending these 1-2 introductory days on herbal tea. The herbs that you could use use are chamomile, peppermint, heather, raspberry leaf.

Detox Program – 7 Day Juice Fast! Join Me on February 3rd!

Hey Friends!

Hope the beginning of your New Year 2016 has been great and very busy, succeeding at things you do and making your dreams into reality. My January has been extremely busy with work and study, hence so little posting lately. But I’m planning to change this by making a new habit of posting more regularly to this blog, and I’m inviting you to witness my progress on this 🙂 It’s always better to build new habits with the support of like-minded people around you, isn’t it?

For the same reason, I’ll be organizing a 7 Day Juice Fast this coming week starting on Wednesday! And I’m again inviting you to join me in this detox program, which we probably all need after a little bit of over-indulging during the holidays. Interested? Then read on!

I’ve done a number of juice fasts over the past few years and the results were always fantastic, including:

  • feeling light and energetic
  • releasing couple stubborn pounds
  • staying lean long after the fast (the released pounds do not come back)
  • enjoying the elevated mood
  • feeling vibrant and healthy!

And these are just a few positive results to mention. That is why I really urge you to join me in this *completely free* program. Whether you feel you do need to lose couple pounds, or you’re in excellent physical shape but have been feeling tired lately – everyone will benefit from it!

Detox Program - 7 Day Juice Fast! Join Me on February 3rd!

I will follow the same juice fast recommendations, as during my previous fasts, because they proved to be efficient:

  • Enter the juice fast by actually fasting for 2 days on water or herbal tea (no food should be taken for best results during the whole ‘fast’)
    • It is better to only drink water during the first 2 days, however if you feel nauseous or have headaches I suggest you have some herbal tea such as raspberry leaf tea, peppermint, heather flower tea, chamomile.
    • If you experience a strong headache during the first day of water/tea fast, take a laxative
  • Start the juice fast itself from day 3 on
  • Continue juice fast for 7 days
  • Drink unlimited amounts of water if you feel a need
  • Apart from water, you should only drink freshly squeezed juices
  • Any fruits or vegetables can be juiced, the less pulp the better
  • Drink as much juice as you wish during the day – it is the best way to keep yourself from exiting the fast
  • Starting from the first day of fast (day 3), you should do at least 30 min of exercise per day – jogging/ dancing/ walking etc (if you’re feeling dizzy, be careful and take one day break or until you feel better)
  • If you’re feeling fine but just tired – don’t let your body trick you into staying put, but drag yourself out of the house for a bit of a walk – you’ll notice that this will magically make you all of a sudden more energetic!

These are the simple ‘rules’ for this juice fast. Of course, the rules are not rigid, they’re just a simple guideline for you guys to refer to for getting the most optimal results. You might start getting weak and unenthusiastic from day 2 up to maybe day 4 or 5, that is why I’m planning the most potentially “tired” days for the weekend. However, if you follow the guidelines and try to force yourself to move-move-move during this fast, you will notice that from day 4 or 5 on your body will become more and more energetic, feeling more and more light and craving more and more exercise!