Benefits of Pomegranates and Persimmons

Hope you’ll be having a scary happy Halloween tomorrow! 😀 We still haven’t gotten our pumpkin yet, although we’ll be getting and carving it tomorrow for sure. Until then, I decided to…carve an apple (ha!) and combine its picture with the beauty of the season and all the other fruits that became available in stores now! So happy we have pomegranates again, I wasn’t even realizing how much I was craving them. And there’s a good reason to want to eat pomegranates in abundance now, because of so many benefits they provide to our health:

  • these fruits are exceptionally high in powerful anti-oxidant Punicalagin, which is specific to pomegranates only
  • this anti-oxidant has a proven positive effect on blood vessels and cardio-vascular system, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and thus preventing cardiac diseases from happening
  • pomegranates were also shown to prevent many types of cancers
  • pomegranates are also known to fight depression by stimulating serotonin and estrogen receptors, which is very important for the current season with days getting shorter and people receiving less natural sunlight
  • in addition to all the amazing qualities above, pomegranates are also high in fiber, vitamins C and K, folate and potassium

With so many goodness that pomegranates provide us, we should all enjoy those inexpensive abundant red rubies while they’re in season!

Another fruit I’m now super excited about is persimmon. The fact is, I had actually gotten myself poisoned with a persimmon back in childhood, possibly due to high pesticides content. Whatever the reason was, I would practically never eat persimmons again and only looking at them would make me feel noxious. Until this year when I went raw vegan. All of a sudden, this Fall I became curious about persimmons and I just loved the taste! It appears that in addition to all the great benefits that came with the raw vegan lifestyle, it also healed my persimmon poisoning memories. And as a result I have discovered a new delicious fruit for the Fall. In addition to being super tasty and just beautiful, persimmon also is high in fiber, vitamins A, C and K (strong anti-oxidants working to improve and maintain our vision), high in potassium (great for our cardio-vascular system), and it also promotes weight loss by being rich in fiber and natural sugars!

Eat seasonal fruits and fill yourself will health! 😀 Happy Halloween! 🙂

Benefits of Pomegranates and Persimmons

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