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Went to our local farmers market today (I a Sunday markets freak in case you didn’t notice lol) and now we have an amazing fruity and veggie abundance in our fridge. Got especially amazing peaches and nectarines, yum! But now we have to make sure to consume all that greens and peachy cornucopia, so I’m thinking to have a 7-day Juice & Smoothie Challenge! Looks like a great idea to me, because smoothies are healthy, they use lots of greens and fruits, veggies can be juiced, and plus the weather is actively cooperating – currently it’s 36 degrees Celsius (which would 96.8 Fahrenheit 😉 ) and I’m permanently feeling tired and worn out. So Juice & Smoothie Challenge it is! Yay 😀 I’ve done many of these previously and every time the results are great: my energy levels at the end of the “fast” are higher than before, I feel light and happy, and plus I always get to get rid of those annoying couple pounds, all of which make such “fasts” into an amazing experience!

Now, here’s how I will do this Challenge:

  • I will re-watch the amazing movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – this movie is a huge motivation! It also goes through a bunch of important moments on health during such fasts, so I would really recommend watching it online;
  • Every morning I’ll drink a glass of warm lemon water;
  • Each day I will choose a type of juice or smoothie and then stick to this same recipe for that whole day. No other food will be eaten for these 7 days;
  • There’s no restriction on how much juice or smoothie I will have, so I’ll drink as much of the same juice/smoothie as I feel like! 🙂 It’s very hard to overeat natural food like fruits and veggies, and yet even if you eat too much there’s no harm as it will all digest perfectly. One of the reasons I love raw vegan lifestyle!
  • I will continue to drink clean filtered water throughout the day as much as I feel like;
  • I will do at least 5 km jogging each day. If I feel tired, then I would need to walk that distance – it’s important to exercise at least for 30 min a day during such “fasts”;
  • Around 2nd or 3rd day into your Juice & Smoothie Challenge you might feel tired and that means that your body is going through a detox. Be patient, usually this tiredness vanishes by about 5th day when you’d experience elevated energy levels – which means that the detox is over and now your body is healthier and more energetic than before! Congratulations! The main purpose of the Challenge is achieved 😀
  • However if you’re feeling really unwell, having lots of headaches and the tiredness is not going away for a long time – check out my previous post on Juice Fast Recommendations. I also really like this article from a website dedicated to fasting – I find that its Tips section is very useful for beginners;
  • If you’re unfamiliar with raw food lifestyle and are planning to join me for this extended Challenge, then you might be interested to read my post on How To Maintain Raw Vegan Lifestyle. In a way you’re going raw vegan for these 7 days and those tips I have compiled from my own experience will be very helpful to you.

The 7-day JUICE & SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE starts tomorrow! Yay 😀

  • If you want to join me for this Challenge, then let’s do it and support each other along the way! Follow me on Instagram @vegantraveling. Post pictures of your smoothies/juices and tag #vtjschallenge;
  • If you are not ready to do the complete Challenge, but still want to participate – then just have at least one juice or smoothie per day, post its picture daily, follow me on Instagram and tag those pics #vtjschallenge.
  • And don’t forget to check out the Juice&Smoothie Challenge Tips!

I look forward to achieving great results along with you gals and guys! 😀

As for today’s snacking – it’s going to be loads of fresh amazing farmers market peaches, blueberries as well as some citrus!

Peachy Snacking! And Juice & Smoothie Challenge Tips

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