Cherries and Berries

Starting up the week right with these cherries and berries! ­čśÇ

After my┬ámorning 2 km jog, fueling for breakfast with nature’s candies – orange, grapes, and fresh raspberries and cherries from the market. Definitely my type of skittles ­čśë Feeling so light and energetic after such breakfast. Although many dietitians and health gurus keep repeatedly advocating for a big and serious breakfast, I can’t disagree more. From my experience, the bigger and heavier is┬ámy breakfast, the heavier I feel throughout the day after it. And vice versa, if I keep my breakfast light and juicy – such as a juice, a smoothie, fruit platter, citrus fruits, then I feel satisfied yet super light and happy. I will definitely get hungry by lunch time, and only then I will have a giant raw vegan salad and feel wonderfully after that as well. I believe that digestion is at its peak during┬áthe middle of the day, therefore it makes sense to consume the largest meal of the day during that time (between 12 and 4 pm).

However, everyone’s body is different. What are your thoughts and experience on this?

Cherries and Berries

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