10 Tips How to Maintain Raw Vegan Lifestyle

I know we all always rave about how beautiful and delicious the raw vegan food is with its abundance of beautiful colorful veggies, fruits and nuts. But the reality is that most people who enthusiastically switch to raw veganism will eventually slip off this lifestyle due to cooked food cravings, holidays, friends&family pressure, old habits etc. Our old habits and environments are holding on tight to us not willing to let us change, so we have to trick those habits and find a way to escape them so that we could stay and thrive on our newly chosen lifestyle.

10 tips how to maintain raw vegan lifestyle

It’s been over 2 years since I started to get interested in switching to raw foods, but I’ve always been slipping off back onto cooked foods on a regular basis, then getting back to raw foods again, and then slipping again, continuing this vicious cycle until about a year ago when I finally figured out a way to successfully stick to raw diet. Today I have compiled a bunch of practical tips that I personally found very useful for myself and that I know would definitely help you in this process as well <3

10 Tips How to Maintain Raw Vegan Lifestyle

1. While switching to raw food, make sure to study it as well. Raw foodism is not a new movement and there is plenty of other people’s experience out there, so use it. Great books that I would very much like to recommend from my own experience are “12 Steps to Raw Foods” by Victoria Boutenko and “Raw Eating” by Aterhov Arshavir Ter-Hovanessian.

2. Do a herbal parasitic cleanse. Did you know that most of our unhealthy food addictions are actually found to be dictated by those “tenants” living in our bodies? So doing such a cleanse will rid you of most unwanted munchies and non-raw food cravings.

3. Start fasting. Short water fasts (1-2 days) when done regularly have a profound cleansing effect on our bodies and actually are even able to reset our food habits. Do this not only when switching to raw foods, but also when feeling low on energy or lack of appetite. Fasting will also help you lose couple lbs and make you feel refreshed and energetic as a result.

4. Follow up with a juice fast – 1 week of a juice-only diet can work wonders! If a water fast resets our old food habits, then a juice fast secures this state and paves the way to raw foodism. Juice fast will also keep those lost couple lbs from coming back.

5. Begin your day with a green smoothie or a freshly squeezed juice. And do this every day for at least the first month or until raw eating becomes your regular habit.

6. Start working out regularly. Whatever is best for you – jogging, classes at the gym, dancing etc etc – half an hour a day would be a healthy minimum. First, it will keep your mind off the food, and second, you will notice how much better your results are since you switched to raw food – even more motivation!

7. Always have your own raw snacks with you – from now on this is your responsibility. Dried fruits, bananas, oranges, nuts and seeds are fantastic snacks and your best friends which will keep you from falling off the raw food wagon.

8. Be always ready – pack your smoothie and lunch to work, bring your own raw dressing to a restaurant, pack raw food to a road trip, or any other place where you know raw food will not be an option.

9. When in a supermarket – make it a habit to always go directly to produce section and knock yourself out within its borders 😀 You should let yourself buy virtually any single veggie or fruit you fancy from the living foods section and make it a reward for not shopping in the processed food sections.

10. Start looking for raw food groups and meetups near you! This is the most fun and most important next step in making your raw food experience an every day part of your life. Surround yourself with people who also are into raw foods and very soon raw foodism and its countless benefits will become an inseparable part of your life! 🙂

Raw vegan lifestyle is much easier than anyone can imagine. But not many people, eager to dive into it, realize there is a number of helpful steps that would greatly aid them in this journey of achieving success on this lifestyle. I believe the 10 tips above contain enough information to give you support for starting the transition to raw and staying on this super beneficial delicious healthy food.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know about your experience and your opinion on this post 😀

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