5 Tips – Being Raw Vegan in Airports

The delay in Pearson airport going back to Seattle was over 4 hours! And all that taking into account my flight was connecting, totaling 7 hours, so as a result I spent somewhat about 14 hrs hanging around airports. My mistake – didn’t get any raw snacks beforehand hoping for the timely flight. But if flying Delta – expect anything!

Of course airport food is far from the best, but even in a situation like this it’s quite possible to stay raw.

  1. If an airport restaurant does not have raw vegan salads, just ask them to make you a custom salad out of all raw ingredients they have.
  2. There’s always fruits like bananas, apples, oranges in airport stores.
  3. If you crave something pickled, like I often do, get packaged olives!
  4. Look for raw nut&seed mixes – they are there and often are quite expensive, but they’re high quality and raw, so very worth the money. Plus they will last you through the whole trip.
  5. Opt out for hot green or herbal tea instead of bottled water, as virtually all of that water contains antibiotics for extending shelf life. Don’t poison yourself.

In my case I went to a nearby Mexican place and asked them for a custom salad with all raw ingredients plus avocado. They charged me regular salad price and it was delicious!

5 Tips - Being Raw Vegan in Airports

Later I found carrots and celery in deli as well as Oloves <3 and ripe bananas.

5 Tips - Being Raw Vegan in Airports

Which was followed by raw seeds and nuts mix. Also I found these Anti-Oxident nuts, so this brand could probably help you as well against “oxidents” đŸ˜€

5 Tips - Being Raw Vegan in Airports

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