Dry Fast Experience and Recommendations

For the last week I’ve been doing an extra cleanse program – 2 days dry fasting + 1 day water fast. This was my very first time doing a dry fast and I have to say it’s a very interesting experience. Not only it’s a strong cleanse for your body, but it also is a great cleanse of your spiritual self. I’ve noticed that my occasional irritability and anger (that don’t happen that often of course 😉 ) got replaced with a feeling of inner peacefulness, and that was definitely an amazing bonus.

Now, back to physiology. First, I have to say that it feels absolutely fine without food and water for two days, although my raw vegan diet probably played a significant part here. In fact, dry fast was easier than water fast because there was absolutely no hunger for the whole two dry days. I was energetic, being busy, working, walking a lot, taking care of my garden. The only thing I didn’t do is driving just in case I would get lightheaded, which didn’t happen. But on the third day I woke up dry, dizzy and heavily breathing. Because the point of this fast was a short cleanse, I broke the fast right on the morning of the third day and started drinking water. The whole water day was a little bit harsh and low-energy, mostly sitting or laying in bed. And after that I came out of the fast completely on juices – I always very much recommend to do a rehabilitation period on freshly squeezed juices after your fast, equaling the length of the fast itself. In my case these were 3 days of juices. The very first juice should be dissolved with water (1:1) and drunken very slowly, with the following juice coming only in 2 hours.

The juice rehabilitation stage can actually continue as long as you would feel comfortable. But the most important thing about it is that you should continue it until you start getting energetic. It might sound strange – energetic after fasting on juices? Right? The thing is that during a water or dry fast our body is going through an extra deep cleansing, digging out the toxins from the very corners of your body and flushing them through blood and all bodily filters – kidneys, liver, skin, and that is the time when we feel low on energy, dizzy, emotionless etc. Technically, that is when the fast reaches its healing peak. But when we switch to raw freshly squeezed juices, the cleanse continues but now we are supplying vitamins and nutrients to help in the process. And every day of the juice fast the body continues it’s thorough cleansing while nurtured with juices, and eventually after fixing first bunch of problems it takes a break. That is exactly when we all of a sudden feel elevated energy levels and positive mood. And that is exactly the time to break the juice fast. The reason it is important to wait until the rising of energy level is because this way we let our body finish what it is currently working on and come out only when the body is giving us a green light – positive mood and increased energy. If you come out before that you might actually risk to have an extended rehabilitation, which means your energy would possibly stay low for several weeks or more. To speed up the process of getting your high energy levels back on juice fast I would recommend walking/jogging/exercising as much as possible. This way the rehabilitation would be shorter and you could get back to your normal self while feeling lighter, super energetic and happy pretty soon.

To sum up, here’s my Dry Fast Experience and Recommendations:

  • plan your fasts near or on the weekend
  • make sure you stock up on quality water and all juicing vegetables before you start
  • start small – 1 or 2 days, and increase slowly
  • exercise or just walk as long as you can, before you reach the healing peak
  • if dry fasting – come out first onto a water fast, then on freshly squeezed juices
  • if water fasting – come out onto freshly squeezed juices
  • rehabilitation period after fast should be at least equal or longer than the length of the fast itself
  • as soon as you have enough energy on rehabilitation, start exercising or walking
  • come out of rehabilitation only when you feel high energy levels

I am still on my juice rehabilitation now and I’m extremely enjoying these amazing nutritional concoctions that I make 🙂 This juice is my absolute favorite now, see recipe below!

Dry Fast Experience and Recommendations

Carrot Apple Juice recipe


  • 3 average carrots
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • 1 large orange
  • 1/2 lemon


Wash, peel and cut all fruits and veggies. Then juice them on a masticating juicer like Omega. Devour 🙂

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