Strawberry Mono

I feel slightly overfed on raw vegan deliciousness such as zoodles, macaroons and kale chips from previous days. So today is a strawberry mono eating day for me! I love doing these light days from time to time – one type of fruit/berry and herbal tea all day. It cleanses and at the same time gives the digestive tract a break by providing only mono meals. If you think about it, our ancient ancestors did not have food in such abundance as we do nowadays, and it only makes sense that they had to be fasting/eating mono on a regular basis, which we should also benevolently do for ourselves. Such mono days improve digestion and hence increasing energy levels, overall being highly beneficial. Makes you feel light and bright on the following day!

Strawberry Mono

In addition to just being delicious strawberries also have other fantastic properties:

  • packed with antioxidants,
  • boosting immunity,
  • promoting eye health,
  • reducing inflammation,
  • and even keeping wrinkles at bay

Wow! Eat your berries guys and you’ll be super healthy and kicking 🙂

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