Emerald City Cocktail

Last week I stocked up on amazing organic peppermint from PCC and have been mixing away my fave drink – peppermint lime cocktail (mocktail?). I’ve got the idea for it during our trip to Florida where every single bar had fantastic fresh limes and peppermint for their mojitos. Avoiding sugar and alcohol I always asked the waiters for some iced water with peppermint and lime and would always get this awesome drink for free! Lol funny because imho honestly it’s so much better than the original version overloaded with sugar and rum and using artificial lime juice. Go new great ideas 🙂 The mixture is sooo good that with it I consume copious amounts of water daily, getting close to the recommended 2 Liters/day. Happiness.

Emerald City Cocktail


  • 2 lime quarters
  • heaping 1 cup fresh peppermint
  • iced water
  • 1 tbsp organic maple syrup (optional)


Squeeze the lime quarters into a glass, then place them along with peppermint (and maple syrup if using) into the glass and vigorously mash them (I use my Vitamix pusher). Fill up the glass with iced water and enjoy! It’s so good and refreshing…And the colors are beautiful. Should definitely rename it Emerald Cocktail 🙂

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