Lip Balms

Have you been stuck on Burt’s Bees balms for quite a long time now? Me – definitely yes. Also,¬†learning that Burt’s Bees got purchased by a larger company Clorox, I’m becoming interested in switching to something new.

Went to Whole Foods recently¬†and found that they have tons of other lip balms, many much more affordable than Burt’s Bees and not based mainly on beeswax. Here’s some of the more affordable ones:

 photo IMAG3816_zpsaxg8xkk9.jpg

 photo IMAG3817_zpsezw5cq2b.jpg

 photo IMAG3812_zpsgvw3qtcf.jpg

 photo IMAG3814_zpsjpadj0km.jpg

 photo IMAG3815_zpseikbea9w.jpg

 photo IMAG3813_zpsrbynvl3s.jpg

So far I’ve purchased two of those: peppermint organic lip balm form Whole Foods brand and another – The Merry Hempsters, also in peppermint. Both are great, however Whole Foods brand is coconut oil based and is slightly lighter. Definitely recommend!

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