Pigs Island in the Bahamas

Did you know there is an island in the Bahamas where pigs are perma-vacationing? Nobody knows how they got there, one of the legends says they survived a shipwreck ages ago and since then live on Big Major Cay for many generations. One of things those smart cuties figured is that if they swim to the boats they get treats from tourists, so now the island became one of the major tourist attractions. There’re soooooo awesome 🙂 Gotta visit.

Pigs Island in the Bahamas

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10 Must Do Things in Key West (Florida Trip – part 3)

Arrival in Key West felt like something unbelievable – previous time we were here only for 4 days couple years ago, and could barely force ourselves to leave this newly-found heaven. So when we finally came back, after missing it for so long – being there felt totally unrealistic, too good to be true 🙂 Key West – is a little piece of heaven, such a cul-de-sac island on the Overseas Highway, small enough to cross it by foot, and large enough to have permanent population of 25,000 and a history more vibrant and unique than some European towns of equal size. With fantastic beaches, absolutely delicious food, history at every turn, animals running all around, gorgeous sunsets, and I’m running out of adjectives now, the bottom line is – it’s a must go, and when you’re there it’s a pure non-stop enjoyment. Because it would take me several posts to describe the whole trip there I decided to just simply highlight best of the best of what I’ve seen there.

So, shortly speaking, here’s my top 10 pick of a must things to do when in wonderful Key West:

1. First of all, rent a moped or a bike – no travelling by car around the island, you’ll miss half the fun ($30/day for mopeds, $15/bikes). Make sure to drive around the whole island at least once – will only take you about an hour and it’s totally worth it!

10 Must Do Things in Key West


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