Wonderful Animal Sanctuaries

For some reason specifically this time of the year (maybe due to Thanksgiving?) I feel a need to make some donations and support those in need of it. For quite a bit I’ve been feeling that most needed and adequate donations would be to animal sanctuaries, and luckily we have several of them here in Ontario!

Wonderful Animal Sanctuaries

We’ve visited before the Donkey Sanctuary, which hosts not only donkeys but also some cute sheep and shy goats, all with a very sad past. You can interact with them, feed and brush them, which is awesome – there’s probably nothing more relaxing than hanging out with animals 🙂


Another great sanctuary that I’ve discovered is Cedar Raw Sanctuary near London, ON where they adopt and take care of all different abandoned or abused farm animals. It’s a small place but they do take care of as much animals as they can. Here’s an awesome little video about this place:

And another sanctuary – a large one – is called Big Sky Ranch, located in Kemptville ON, not far from Ottawa. These guys take care of different abandoned or abused farm animals, from roosters and cows to cats and dogs, and they also educate people and work on finding loving homes for some of their animals. Here’s their little video:

And while writing up this post, I found one more really cool place – Wishing Well Sanctuary, also in Ontario, didn’t donate to them yet, but definitely will. They focus more on helping larger guys like cows, sheep and goats, and other amazing farm animals. So happy I found them, gotta definitely pay a visit:)

So here, just in case you guys also feel like sharing some of your happiness, just an idea who you can help, which doesn’t necessarily have to be financial, but rather getting out there and volunteering to take care of all those cool, smart and amazing creatures, each of which have a different personality and a sad story. I’m sure there are some animal sanctuaries close to wherever you live – wikipedia has a list of them here.

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