Karelian Bear Dogs

In one of my posts about our trip to Alberta and BC I mentioned this wolf sanctuary. Among wolfs they also have Karelian Bear Dogs – a special breed that deters bears with their barking. The guys from the wolf sanctuary try to educate everyone on using these dogs to naturally direct wildlife away instead of killing/tranquillizing any bears which happens quite often.. Karelian Bear Dogs are amazing (and very serious) by themselves, and also represent an amazing natural ‘solution’ to keeping curious bears at a proper distance and keeping everyone and everything balanced. So here’s a little poster we received as part of the action to promote Karelian Bear Dogs, posting here either for information purposes or, if you agree with the concept, to print out and mail as addressed:

 photo kareliandogs_zps413ab3ec.jpg


 photo kareliandogs1_zps58301b39.jpg

* There was an incident last year when a delivery person had been attacked and injured by one of the bear dogs kept at the sanctuary. And, horribly, the owners of the attacking dog chose to ‘destroy’ it after the incident. The whole case is extremely sad and wrong, but I think everything eventually boils down to the owners improper training of the bear dogs. This breed is the most vicious of all huskys (which makes sense taking into account its purpose), having a very complicated personality, that is why a very special extremely strict training and everyday treatment is required, which the owners most certainly did not succeed at. As our dog trainer often says “the dog is never at fault, but his owners are”.
Nevertheless…despite this very bitter incident this sanctuary still remains one of the small number of organizations that are helping wolfs and working on educating people about wildlife, so that’s still rare and I will still be supporting their efforts.

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