Karelian Bear Dogs

In one of my posts about our trip to Alberta and BC I mentioned this wolf sanctuary. Among wolfs they also have Karelian Bear Dogs – a special breed that deters bears with their barking. The guys from the wolf sanctuary try to educate everyone on using these dogs to naturally direct wildlife away instead of killing/tranquillizing any bears which happens quite often.. Karelian Bear Dogs are amazing (and very serious) by themselves, and also represent an amazing natural ‘solution’ to keeping curious bears at a proper distance and keeping everyone and everything balanced. So here’s a little poster we received as part of the action to promote Karelian Bear Dogs, posting here either for information purposes or, if you agree with the concept, to print out and mail as addressed:

 photo kareliandogs_zps413ab3ec.jpg


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Raw Vegan Onion Bread

Finally, I have a dehydrator! Took us a long time to decide whether we need this rather expensive device or not, so now finally this new member of our kitchen tools family has arrived.
And first thing to try out is the raw vegan onion bread. Worked out really really well, although I didn’t have enough patience to wait for full 8 hrs until crisp, so I just took it out after 5 hrs, and it’s delicious!

Raw Vegan Onion Bread


  • 1 cup almonds
  • 1 cup pecans
  • 1 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 small yellow onion (but next time I’d put more of it)
  • salt to taste (about 1 tsp or less)
  • 2 cups flax seeds
  • water – enough to make the ‘dough’ stick together


Mix everything very well in a food processor, then scoop up the mix and flatten it on your 2 trays (I used parchment paper as lining). I dehydrated for about 5-6 hours at 40 Celsius.

Cut the ‘bread’ into small cracker-like pieces and garnish with whatever you wish!

Toronto Wildlife Centre

Just a quick note, to say that I’ve just found out that there is Toronto Wildlife Centre in North York. So just letting the torontonians know, and being very glad about finding this super important information myself, as in spring there’s sooo many animals on the side of the road being hit/shocked but still maybe having a chance…..Now I at least know there’s a dedicated centre where it’s possible to bring them, also in a very reachable location. Apart from all the animals getting hurt by our ‘developed society’ and different jerks drivers being a complete horror and everyday nightmare, so glad to know there are people that actually care and trying to do something. Centres with similar names should probably be available in pretty much all north american cities.

New York!

Just got back from NYC, so working on another photo post 🙂 It was soooo good to be there again after a 5 years break!!! NY is magical, it’s so unique and so grand of course, it can’t really be compared to any other city, and no matter how much you travel, it will always stand out with its crazy mix of awesome huge buildings, rich history at every turn, absolutely fantastic skylines, huge beautiful bridges, really cool people, jazz on the streets, etc etc etc. But as I became a strict vegan since my last visit, I’ve noticed that in NYC it was quite hard to find a vegan friendly restaurant with something more than just a garden salad, while it’s not really a problem at all in other large cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto etc. I was a bit surprised by that, but on the other hand I saw many fresh smoothie stands, and there were also fresh fruit stands and fresh looking sliced fruits sold on the street, counteracting the lack of vegan restaurants options, so that was pretty nice.

 photo DSCF2252small_zpsc8e124f9.jpg

Another thing I’ve noticed, which was a striking difference in comparison with the West coast mentality, they don’t seem to bother that much about plastic in NY, it’s being used and thrown out into plain non-recycling garbage bins everywhere, even in some restaurants glasses were plastic! recycling bins are much harder to find than anywhere else, there’s mostly plain garbage bins, that was so crazy, I haven’t seen it being that bad in a long time, maybe because in T.O we frequent mostly vegan places where all plastic is bio-degradable, but still….for such huge city as New York, this environmental unfriendly mentality must have a horrible effect, so that all was definitely sad to see. Does anyone know if the garbage gets sorted into recyclables/non-recyclables once it gets to facilities? is there any recycling program?