Alberta and BC trip (part 7) – Tofino & Leaving the Vancouver Island

One of the classic touristic activities in Tofino is Whale Tours, and it is great! Usually the boat is tiny, for just about 8 people, it jumps on huge ocean waves like crazy, so beware if you tend to get sea sick 🙂 On these tours in Tofino there’s almost 100% chance to see a Whale, as, compared to Atlantic ocean, there are still many of these magnificent creatures remaining in the Pacifics. In fact, luckily, it applies to all animal species – on the Pacifics all animals and plants are much more abundant than on the poor depleted Atlantic ocean. So, right before leaving Tofino we finally did take one of the Whale Watching tours, and we did manage to see the Grey Whale, which I still cannot believe in 🙂 He did the fluke 3 times!!! But every time he would appear from a completely different direction, and the flukes were happening so fast, so …alas, no pictures of that incredible show. Plus it was so cold that my camera refused to work anyway, which on the other hand allowed me to focus on viewing the world not-through-the-lense, for a change. That all again made me appreciate the work of photographers that do get those pictures, it takes great patience and fast as lighting reaction.
On the rocks in the ocean there also were some sea lions, seals, as well as amazing orange-beak birds called puffins. The tour was really great, and I’d really recommend taking it on a small boat vs a larger vessel, as the tour is more personal that way and also it’s much more fun and scary to jump on crazy huge waves, gets you some adrenalin. Here’s our green Marine Adventures tour boats:

 photo IMG_3661-1_zps5ce1ddb5.jpg

The most fun place in the town is at the docks – there always were some sea lions or otters or bald eagles or some other amazing creatures to watch. In the mornings a local sea lion was swimming around docks waiting to get his breakfast. And each time there were tons of people gathering to watch this process.

 photo IMG_5062_zpscab1fa13.jpg

 photo IMG_5077_zpscea30eb9.jpg

 photo IMG_5082_zpsab3d5ae9.jpg

 photo IMG_5084_zps52e1dc1d.jpg

Here are 3 otters that came out on the docks, but got uncomfortable with my attention and escaped in seconds, luckily leaving me with some cool shots of them.

 photo IMG_5147_zps9b812e29.jpg

 photo IMG_5153_zps18575a24.jpg

 photo IMG_5157_zps6caadee9.jpg

Another otter and some star fish hanging at the low tide. Is it just me or otters really look like a sea version of dachshunds?

 photo IMG_4929_zps76e02a94.jpg

 photo IMG_4925_zps9fc8dc65.jpg

 photo IMG_4934_zps0fe0f2c4.jpg

I’m meeting a local star fish.

 photo IMG_4942_zpsfe7b3b9f.jpg

A couple of sea lions swimming by the docks.

 photo IMG_5165_zps2868f175.jpg

Love is in the air.

 photo IMG_5167_zpsdb8da1f4.jpg

The plants in coastal BC are all giant!

 photo IMG_5181_zpsbabd4a17.jpg

We were lucky to be in Tofino on a weekend – they have a great market on Sundays at the park. Winston was there too, very popular with little kids.

 photo IMG_20120526_111117_zps647c3396.jpg

 photo IMG_20120526_113335_zps006f548a.jpg

This totem pole stands at the entrance to Ucluelet. It’s so amazing to see this art where it naturally belongs, in the native lands, rather than seeing them in museums. In BC you really do get the idea of totems, after you witness all the great creatures depicted on them, and you see how it all comes together carved on those poles.

 photo IMG_5314_zps164217aa.jpg

After spending 3 days there we left for Nanaimo, and from there the next day to Vancouver to spend another 3 days there. Leaving Vancouver Island is never easy…

 photo IMG_5367_zps40058065.jpg

 photo IMG_5399_zps857734ab.jpg

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