Free Concert at UofT’s Hart House

Yesterday we went to an awesome free symphonic orchestra concert – these concerts are organized every couple months at the University of Toronto’s Hart House gorgeous Grand Hall. Funny, I never got a chance to attend this when I was studying there, but it was really great to visit Alma Mater again for such a great event. They played Beethoven, Copland’s Clarinet Concerto and Shumann’s 2nd Symphony, really enjoyable. For those interested – next free concert is on April 4th.

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Youtube’s Clarinet Concerto with Eddie Daniels

“No food. No water. No rest.” – Another Petition, please sign

Please by all means sign this petition. I absolutely do believe of course that the only way to live right is to be veg*n. But because there are plenty of animals still being abused, we should at least petition for them to be treated humanely……I know sounds absolutely horrible, and it is. But we should at least help them whichever way we can right now.

The full text and the Petition message to sign is here

Thank you everyone for signing.

Vegan Chinese Mushrooms and Vegetables Soup

Inspired by our local Chinese vegetarian restaurant, I decided to skip driving there for take-out and just make this easy soup at home. Not sure what are the original condiments, but I guessed there should be thick soya sauce, vegetable oil and of course sesame oil. Adding small amounts of each I finally got almost exactly the same taste, actually it’s even better! 🙂

Vegan Chinese Mushrooms and Vegetables Soup

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