Stupid Questions Vegetarians Are Asked – And Great Answers

Just spoke with my old long lost friend today on skype. She was trying to prove me that “people cannot go without meat” because “many famous people could not do it for <…different reasons>”. After conversation with her I feel exhausted. I understand that some people are simply not ready to switch yet, but these meaningless debates, when they try to justify their support of meat-producing because in fact their traditions are stronger than them and fun gatherings with their friends where they eat meat are more important for them than trying to reduce suffering and change their lifestyle……And this desire to only take into account the failed veg*ns, and ignore all the successful healthy veg*ns. uff…. So I found this page with answers to stupid questions vegetarians are asked , will always use it in the future to avoid time wasted on those meaningless debates.
Seriously, it appears to me that if people are truly considering vegetarianism or at least *seriously want to know the truth* they would go and research, instead of starting debates¬†with vegetarians¬†for the sake of debates, not for the sake of finding the truth. Which still of course doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t provide them with information…Sent her plenty of articles and stories on successful veg*ns, hopefully that would have some effect.

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