Israel’s Bill to Ban All Fur Trade delayed (Please sign the PETITION to support the ban)

Good for Israel, definitely a thinking country in which citizens’ opinions matter. If this ban passes, they will actually show everyone that animal rights activists efforts are not vain, and they *actually do bring results*! And oh Canada…..simply horrible.

Please sign the petition at the bottom of the article if you want to support banning the fur trade.

Final ratification of Israel’s bill to ban all fur trade – temporarily delayed

Israel’s MK Ronit Tirosh’s groundbreaking bill for a total ban on the cruel fur trade, though unanimously endorsed by the legislative branch of government, is being temporarily delayed. An anti-fur ban was first initiated by MK Nitzan Horowitz.

The cause of the delay is the desperate scare tactics of the Canadian lead pro-fur lobby in their attempt to clutch at straws in a growing worldwide awareness of the truth behind the fur trade. The pro-fur delegates tried to threaten the Israeli government that they could claim for loss of income compensation and that the ban could not be enforced. In another attempted fear tactic, the pro-fur delegates then tried to employ the exemption in the bill for the fur hats worn by a minority of the Hassidic culture, claiming this could awaken anti-Semitism.

Thankfully the Israeli government could not be deceived and they hope that the bill could be approved for its second and third reading at the next coming committee meeting.

In the USA and Europe laws to protect animals in the fur trade currently fall short of their goal. Some have made dog, cat and seal fur illegal, some have outlawed fur farms in their country, (some allow fur farms for only some species of mammals but not for all others) but fur can still be bought and sold. By taking only these halfway steps, though well intended, they have put the majority of the fur trade in the hands of nations like China that have no animal rights legislation.

Israel via banning all fur trade sets the precedent that a nation can end its participation in the cruelty of the fur trade and not just transport it to another country to be imported later for sales. Many nations are headed in this direction and it takes but one country to take that initiative.

Amid the mounting international and local support for this precedent setting bill it is virtually inevitable to become ratified.

Children supporting the billThe International Anti-Fur Coalition and Let the animals live took a nationwide poll via the professional polling company “Maagar-Mohot” to find out where the Israeli public stands on the fur trade. The results are very revealing: When asked, “Do you find it moral to kill animals if they are killed only for their fur?”, an outstanding 86% were against the killing of animals for the sole purpose of fur. On the question, “Would you support a bill to ban the trade of fur in Israel?”, the results showed a resounding 79% in support of the ban.

The bill is also receiving increasing global support on the governmental level, and by international celebrities and of course from international animal protection organizations defending humane ethics.

It’s time to act: Support this bill!

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