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Hi guys, here are the current petitions for some of the issues at hand in Canada. Some are for the beautiful ancient forests in BC, some in Ontario, some for Alberta (reposting 2 of petitions from my previous post as a separate one). Please please sign those, it’s just a couple clicks but together we can change something!

1. STOP Wind Turbines in Bruce Peninsula, Ontario – “the Bruce Peninsula is one of the few UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Canada with towering limestone cliffs, ancient cedars and some of the world’s rarest species of plants and animal life. Migratory birds and bats continually killed, as Bruce Peninsula is a major migratory corridor” – petition is here
As the data on the internet shows, the turbines kill much less birds than any of the other sources such as cats, automobiles etc; however taking into account the uniqueness of Bruce Peninsula biosphere and its importance as a Major migratory corridor for birds, turbines should definitely be stopped in that rare area.

2. STOP – Rural Municipality of Big Lakes Alberta began offering a $300 bounty on wolves in September 2010. In just 6 months 53 wolves killed and claimed! (Action Alert Big Lakes Alberta).

Petition is here – ;

3. STOP Killing Canada’s Wolves, AB – petition is here


4. STOP mining in Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, BC – A world renowned eco­log­i­cal trea­sure, the Clay­oquot Sound UN­ESCO Bio­sphere Re­serve is now threat­ened by two major min­ing pro­jects pro­posed by Im­pe­ri­al Met­als. At a re­cent pub­lic forum in Tofi­no, BC, ti­tled “Min­ing Clay­oquot’s Fu­ture?”, The Tla-o-qui-aht Ini­tia­tive for In­ter­con­nect­ed Com­mu­ni­ty Health or TIICH which means “alive” in the Tla-o-qui-aht lan­guage is a new loose­ly formed group of Tla-o-qui-aht First Na­tions mem­bers, who have come to­geth­er to cel­e­brate their cul­ture through com­mu­ni­ty ini­tia­tives that rec­og­nize the in­ter­con­nect­ed­ness of all liv­ing things.
A very heartbreaking video is here, honestly just makes me cry when I see the natives trying to explain their pure understanding of life and their respect for the nature to all those people with dollar signs in their eyes….. Petition is here

* Pictures used are not mine, I have included the link to the original websites in the images.


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