Curry Quinoa

Here’s a recipe for a pretty cool curry quinoa, that I’ve tried in Vancouver. We were staying up in North Vancouver, where all restaurants are closed at night, and not so many vegan places were available. So we’ve been frequenting a local Sobeys deli section. Luckily we found this vegan dish, but I have to say when made at home it’s much more delicious! 🙂

Curry Quinoa

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BC and Alberta

Recently got back from the trip out west…I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many wildlife in any of my trips before. Gorgeous, gorgeous nature. Also learnt about all the plentiful issues of the wildlife over there, logging and other problems. Will soon post it all here, working on the report..

On the culinary side, didn’t find it particularly hard to find vegan food, in fact we discovered some really awesome raw vegan restaurants out in Nanaimo, and lots of great organic produce in local BC health stores. Vancouver Island is definitely a healthy-living heaven!

Vegan “Leather” Bags – HUGE Sale!

My favourite vegan leather store from Montreal has a huge sale right now – over 85% off!
I simply loooove their designs and that they’re using recycled bottles for bags lining.
Amazing, amazing products and crazy low prices right now – check it out!

Please spread the word if you care about animals and environment – the less real leather bags we all purchase, the less support we’d give to the real leather companies…hence save animals, use recycled bottles, and good for everyone too – the prices are really cheap right now for these beautiful bags. And no, I obviously don’t get any money out of this.