Stuffed Tomatoes

Finally posted the picture for the “pancakes” recipe!

And here’s another one – completely happy and of course vegan stuffed tomatoes. We usually make these along with cabbage rolls, but when I decided to make them I had absolutely no cabbage at home, so just ended up making tomatoes, which are always my favourites anyway. The recipe is actually pretty simple, the whole preparation takes about 10min plus about 25 min cooking. And the result is of course delicious 🙂

Stuffed Tomatoes

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Vegan Potato Skins

With the recent realization that herring/calamari/etc can be replaced with sauteed oyster mushrooms and makes even Shuba practically identical to the original recipe, I figured technically any non-veg*n recipe can be made with vegan ingredients no problem at all (duh). That said, I turned my attention to one of the most decadent favourite bar food snack – potato skins! I haven’t had those in ages and during the times of moral weakness I would nostalgically remember them regretting that oh I’d never be able to have those anymore. Well, not true! Yesterday I decided to recreate those guys in a completely happy vegan way and guess what – the result is superb! Especially if you have enough patience to not finish them all up until they’re completely cooled – that’s the moment to enjoy! 🙂

 photo IMAG3322_upd_zpsodcyjqan.jpg

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